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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 


Item Number: aliasmag12
Description: Alias Official Magazine issue 12
Price: $25.00 USD

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Alias The Official Magazine #12

Featuring Jennifer Garner and new cast members, Balthazar Getty & Rachel Nichols on the cover.

Inside Alias: The Official Magazine #12:

  • Need to Know - Alias Secrets, including this season's cliffhanger
  • Interrogation: Rachel Gibson (Rachel Nichols)
  • Interrogation: Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
  • Interrogation: Carl Lumby (Dixon)
  • Interrogation: Mia Maestro (Nadia Santos)
  • Double-sided poster of Syd & Dixon on one side and the new cast members on the other side, created exclusive for Alias Magazine
  • The Vault: Search & Resuce
  • Rambaldi: The DSR Archives
  • The Island & The Agents (Part 2) - continuation of the chat from Lost: The Official Magazine #1 with Alias & Lost producer Sarah Caplan
  • Much more in this full-color, 64-page magazine