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Sunday, April 21, 2019 


Item Number: tvzone146
Description: TV Zone Magazine issue 146 Michael Shanks
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Tv Zone issue 146 Michael Shanks

Stargate SG-1 (9 pages special dedication) After five years as Doctor Daniel Jackson, Michael Shanks' tour of duty is over. In an exclusive interview Shanks talks candidly to TV Zone about leaving behind one of Stargate’s longest-running and best loved characters. Plus: we take a look at the making of the weird parody centennial episode, Wormhole X-treme, and hear from its guest star Michael DeLuise.

Part 2 of our exclusive feature takes a deeper look in to the workings of the Jim Henson's Creature Shop. With pictures from the London studios of Scorpius, snakes and more!

• Phoebe’s half-demon lover, Cole – actor Julian McMahon – drops in for a chat about the fourth season of Charmed: plus we meet his nastier side, Belthazor

Monty Python’s Flying Circus
• Is it the most original and influential comedy series ever made? Could be. In the first of a two part feature we chronicle the birth and development of Monty Python

• A full episode guide to Season One of Angel (David Boreanaz)

Fantasy Flashback
Blake's 7: Andrew Pixley teleports in to cover some classic BBC Space Opera from the 1979 episode Killer - complete with an illustrated synopsis plus cast and crew list